Switchboard Testing and Inspections

Inspection of commercial and industrial switchboards

Your switchboard plays the important role in separating the electrical current supplied to your business into smaller divisible circuits. These circuits are then allocated to the various individual areas of your building such as the offices, warehouse, production facilities, kitchen etc. Your switchboard also plays a role in protecting your business from hazardous electrical faults via safety switches, fuses and circuit breakers, which cut the power in instances of electrical overload.

Switchboard inspections can be done in the following ways

  • Visual and mechanical inspection
  • Visual and electrical inspection
  • Thermal imaging to satisfy the requirements of building insurance and fire safety.

Thermographic imaging

Thermographic inspections of electrical connections and components can instantly identify dangerous areas of increased temperature (caused by additional resistance) in electrical switchboards, equipment, machinery and wiring which can potentially cause equipment failure and fires in your business premises.

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