Emergency Services

Power Outages

Outages may be a result of an electrical fault in your premises, don’t delay in contacting our licenced electricians

Electrical Fire Hazards

Commonly the result of overloaded sockets and switchboards, our team will rapidly make your space safe, identify the issue and make the required changes to your electrical system

Safety Switch Tripping

Tripping safety switches can be caused by appliance faults or wiring faults, let us investigate, identify the problem and provide a safe solution.

Blown Fuses

An overloaded circuit can cause a blown fuse, let us fix your blown fuse and investigate the underlying problem.

Sparks or Smoke

If an appliance or an electrical outlet is sparking or smoking move quickly and call NEC to make your workspace safe.

Electrical Storms

In adverse conditions never attempt to solve electrical issues, simply call our licenced electrical team members to make your premises safe.

If you are experiencing these problems call now, or team will come to your business ready to fix your problem and ensure your safety.

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